Who We Are

BizBrewPGH is a Pittsburgh-based networking organization for everyone, no matter what your profession is, in the 412. By partnering with local breweries, our members get to explore new brews and meet other local professionals. What could be better?

What Makes Us Different?

    Networking is about more than handing out a business card, and we get that. Whether you’re a visual artist, entrepreneur, actor, insurance agent, or barista, connecting with other professionals can be a crucial step towards your personal and professional growth. That’s where BizBrewPGH comes in.

    No matter what your day job is, you can join our networking organization — connecting, learning, and growing with others in the Pittsburgh area. Say goodbye to stuffy conference rooms and awkward lobbies and enjoy networking at cool, local breweries.

Why Join BizBrewPGH?

Join BizBrewPGH And...

  • Grow your connections and expand your network
  • Develop strong bonds with like-minded individuals in your community
  • Enjoy local brews throughout Pittsburgh
  • Find services, products and organizations that can improve your business
  • Make new friends, find partners and alliances
  • Gain inspiration & HAVE FUN

Become a Member TODAY!

  • Enjoy monthly networking events at local breweries
  • Receive 2 bottles of local beers (delivery or pick-up) every month
  • Collect swag from our brewery partners
  • Network with other Pittsburghers

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Welcome to BizBrewPGH!